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Does Insurance Cover LASIK Eye Surgery?

June 06, 2013 —  People who want to have LASIK are interested in whether or not their insurance policy will cover the surgical procedure. Getting the insurance to pay for what is often considered a cosmetic procedure is a challenge for some, but it is not impossible. Many people considering the popular procedure wonder, “Does insurance cover LASIK?”

Note: Since a majority of vision insurance plans do not cover the cost of LASIK, most people decide to go through their work and use something called a FSA (Flexible Spending Account) instead. FSA is a type of insurance where you contribute money that is tax-free (normally up to $2,500). This is used to pay for medical and dental expenses not paid for by insurance providers like deductibles, co-payments, LASIK eye surgery, and cosmetic procedures like teeth whitening or plastic surgery.

Does insurance cover LASIK?

LASIK Eye Surgery

Understanding the cost of LASIK surgery
LASIK surgery costs are determined by several factors. The surgeon, the individual’s health, the instruments used, and the insurance coverage can all determine how much a person pays to have the procedure. LASIK surgery can cost anywhere from $500 per eye to thousands per eye.

According to a survey, the average cost of the LASIK procedure is $1,657 per eye. The pricing is largely determined by the person’s vision. Many have a hard time getting a procedure like LASIK eye surgery covered by their insurance company. This is because it is often viewed as a cosmetic procedure. There are some cases in which having the procedure can be medically necessary. If a person’s physician determines that the surgery should be performed, the chances of having the procedure covered under a plan are better.

Does insurance cover LASIK for certain professionals?
A person who works in a particular profession may have to have the procedure. A person whose appearance is major part of the job may be able to have the procedure covered under their policy. Models, anchorpersons and entertainment professionals may require the procedure. Professional athletes may find it easy to get the procedure covered. People who work in public safety may be able to have the procedure covered. Firemen and policemen have unique professions that insurance companies consider when it comes to covering the procedure.

Does insurance cover LASIK for certain health scenarios?
When a physician states that having the procedure is medically necessary, the person’s insurance plan will likely cover the procedure. Diabetics and others with condition that directly affect the person’s health may have the surgery covered. Quality of life and how it can be improved with LASIK is how insurance companies determine whether or not the procedure will be covered. If a person is found to not be able to tolerate wearing contacts, the procedure may also be determined as medically necessary for the patient.

Some policies will cover the entire eye surgery while others will only cover a portion of the cost. Verifying the level of coverage provided for the procedure beforehand is the only way to know for certain if the insurance company will cover LASIK eye surgery.

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